The mountain station, at the summit of Porta Vescovo, sits right on the ancient Bread Way (Viale del Pane), a medieval path so called because it was used to trade flour and grains.


Now, the Viel dal pan has become a high-altitude path which anyone can take, rewarding all with stunning panoramic views of the Marmolada glacier, the Gran Vernel and Lake Fedaia.


For the more active we suggest the Trincee via ferrata (climbing route) which goes from Porta Vescovo to the Mesolina massif. You can reach the beginning of the via ferrata (metal way) by cable car. Several posts used during the war can be seen along this metal way.


At Porta Vescovo the youngest can get to know and love a large colony of marmots which makes its home at altitude. They’ll meet them running around the path which leads from the Luigi Gorza Retreat to the Padon Pass.


For mountain bikers, the area around the Dolomiti Porta Vescovo resort is an unmissable destination, where you go up by cable car from Arabba to a descent of almost 1 000 metres. A connected network of MTB tracks is in its planning stage. The project will be launched in summer 2016.