Terraces in the sun and stunning views, the sourcing and knowledgeable use of quality products, attention to the dining experience as culture and joie de vivre, and well-appointed and elegant surroundings, all make the dining options at Porta Vescovo a reason to visit in itself.

Cesa da Fuoch
Is the place for aperitifs and pleasant interludes in the sun from February until April. Cesa da Fuoch is a large open kitchen where the chefs cook dishes to order.

The retreat houses self-service dining for quick service, run like a restaurant. House and regional dishes, high-quality basic ingredients prepared on the spot in small portions to ensure freshness and flavour in each dish on offer. The large, wonderful lounge-style retreat terraces house the Bar for quick but filling snacks and offer a moving view of the Sella massif and the Marmolada glacier, a view to enjoy from the large, comfortable cushions on the wooden steps.

Vien dal Pan
The only high-altitude gourmet restaurant in all of the Dolomites, where chef Salvatore de Laurentiis prepares unexpected delights for those who wish to fully enjoy a day at Porta Vescovo and bring together stunning snow, spectacular views and excellent cuisine or for those who wish to spend an extraordinary night dining from a gourmet menu at 2 500 metres above sea level. From the exclusive terrace of its Bistro, you can admire the Marmolada glacier.

The refined and contemporary style is the common thread linking all these locations which are also accessible to non-skiers and they are built without architectural barriers.