The only gourmet restaurant at high altitude in the Dolomites is the restaurant Viel dal Pan at Porta Vescovo, inside the Luigi Gorza retreat.
Dedicated to those who love refinement and relaxation, spectacular views and sunshine, Viel dal Pan has become an unmissable destination for lovers of fine food.

At an altitude of 2500 metres, the restaurant windows open onto the Sella group, while at the Bistrot, from its private terrace, you can admire the Marmolada glacier.

Dolomiti Porta Vescovo Resort presents haute cuisine at high altitude, an idea born from the desire to make its guests live an experience of authentic beauty, in search of innovative interpretations of Italian traditional cuisine. Chef Salvatore de Laurentiis’ s cuisine made up of unusual, surprising, exciting and fun combinations makes the realization of this project possible.
Open on Friday evenings only by reservation
Open in the summer only by reservation.
For reservations and special requests or call +39 0436 79127.



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