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The Porta Vescovo Dolomiti Resort slopes are part of two skitours: the Sellaronda (the orange/green route) and the Grande Guerra (the purple/red route).


Portados gondola lift, new ski run on the Sellaronda

The Portados gondola lift opens up a new ski run in the Sellaronda ski route.


Our exciting ski runs are away from the general flow of the Sellaronda with fast and easy access to those who want to ski slopes that loop the massif of the Sella Mountain Range.


Porta Vescovo’s many and varied ski runs, dedicated to adventurous skiiers who enjoy testing their limits, provide ideal conditions for us to once again re-live the emotions of the past, free from the more tourist-oriented Sellaronda runs. Perfectly prepared for the best skiing experiences, these runs are a dream come true for our most sporty skiers.


Porta Vescovo Dolomiti Resort opens the 2016/2017 skiing season with the launch of an entirely new Sellaronda ski run: the new Portados gondola lift takes you clockwise around the Sellaronda, avoiding the escarpment at the top of Porta Vescovo.


If you prefer less demanding ski runs you can go up in the Portados gondola lift and then take the Carpazza chairlift to ski down the Salere ski run.


But if you want to tackle the most challenging ski runs, you can now take the initial escarpment at Porta Vescovo in the best conditions and then continue at leisure along either of the two most spectacular ski runs of the entire skiing area: Sourasass and Fodoma.